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Why choose Sullivan Tutoring over one of the larger, commercial SAT programs?

Sullivan Tutoring is a better choice than other test preparation programs for three main reasons. First, we specialize in individualized preparation for the SAT and other standardized tests. Unlike with the classroom format of some programs, our private tutoring structure allows us to motivate and encourage each student. We take time to determine each studentís unique learning style to create a personalized program that will get him or her results.

Second, all students enrolled in our Gold and Platinum packages receive our two unique decks of SullivanCardsô, a set of flash cards featuring Sullivanís tried-and-true test-taking strategies and content. These flashcards are customized for each student throughout the learning process.

Third, to help relieve test-taking anxieties and maximize studentsí performance, all tutoring takes place in a comfortable, naturalistic environment.

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What are the hours at Sullivan Tutoring?

Sullivan Tutoring is open Monday through Thursday, and Saturday for most of the year, though hours may change slightly throughout the year. Please call 978.774.0676 for more information.

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Where Does Tutoring Take Place?

All tutoring takes place at the center in Danvers.

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How long are the sessions?

All SAT and ACT tutoring sessions are 90 minutes. Tutoring sessions for other tests and classroom subjects are typically 90 minutes as well.

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What is Sullivanís cancellation policy?
Can I change my appointment time, and how do I do that?

We understand that studentsí schedules can change spontaneously and we do our best to accommodate these changes. However, if you must cancel or change an appointment, we kindly ask for a 24-hour notice. There is no fee for cancellations made 24 hours in advance. To cancel or change an appointment, call 978.774.0676.

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How much do the tutoring sessions cost?

There are several ways to pay for the tutoring sessions. For the SAT, students may pay as they go or purchase a multiple-session package. Read more about our SAT tutoring prices and packages.

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Where is Sullivan Tutoring?

We are located at 2 Electronics Ave, Suite 8, in Danvers, MA 01923. We are in the Danvers Industrial Park directly off Route 1 South. Click for Directions

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What are the materials?

We use actual, previous exams and SullivanCardsô. A material fee covers the cost of the exam book, a vocabulary list and all other materials.

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Are sessions evenly divided between math and English?

Taking into consideration previous test scores and the rate of progress on homework tests, we personalize all tutoring sessions to meet the needs of each student.

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What is an average SAT score? What is an average ACT score?

According the College Board, the average national SAT scores are the following:

  • Critical reading: 502
  • Mathematics: 515
  • Writing: 494

According to the ACT website, the average ACT scores for Massachusetts are the following:

  • Reading: 24
  • Mathematics: 23.9
  • English: 23.5
  • Science: 22.5

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How do my SAT and ACT scores compare to each other?

The ACT and the College Board publish a simple table that allows students and parents to compare SAT scores to ACT scores. View the SAT-ACT concordance table.

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If I take the SAT, SAT II or ACT more than once, will I be required to submit all the scores to my college of interest?

Students can select which ACT scores (by sitting) they send to colleges. As for the SATs, the College Board has recently approved some changes to their score reporting policy. Score Choice will allow students to choose which SAT scores (by sitting/test date) and SAT II scores (by individual test) they send to colleges. Score Choice is optional. If students do not use Score Choice, colleges will receive all scores. This change will be effective in March 2009, according to the College Board website. Score Choice will also be retroactive; beginning in March 2009, students will have the option to submit or withhold previous test scores.

Note: Despite this change, colleges have the option to opt out of Score Choice and request all your SAT scores. Students should contact colleges to determine their guidelines before sending scores.

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