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What is the SAT II?

The SAT II, also known collectively as the SAT subject tests, is a series of more than 20 different tests that focus on specific disciplines. The tests are designed to assess students� knowledge in certain areas. The SAT II is part of the admissions and placement process for many colleges. Some schools will look at SAT II scores -- even if they are not an admission requirement � to get a better academic profile of the student.

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Who takes the SAT II?

The SAT II is intended for high school students applying to college.

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The SAT II format

Students may take tests in any of the five main subject areas: English, history, mathematics, languages and science. Each subject area is broken down into one or more subcategories. All tests consist of multiple-choice questions and are one hour long.

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How the SAT II is scored

The SAT II is scored the same way the SAT I is scored; the number of correct, wrong and skipped questions are factored into a simple formula. Like with the SAT, students are penalized for wrong answers. Students� scores will also be ranked against other students� scores, generating a �percentile� score.

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SAT II test dates, registration deadlines and fees

The SAT II subject tests are administered at various times throughout the year. This schedule is helpful for students who wish to take a subject test immediately following the closure of a course, when the material is fresh. Registration for each test closes approximately one month before the test date. There is a cost to take the test, as well as a fee for late registration.

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