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What is the SSAT?

The SSAT is a test that assesses students� math, reading, English and writing skills. The test is part of the admissions process for many secondary (private) schools. Students can take the test more than once.

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Who takes the SSAT?

The SSAT is for students in grades 5-12 who want to attend secondary schools.

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The SSAT format

There are two levels of the SSAT: the lower level (grades 5-7) and the upper level (grades 8-11). Both levels are divided into four components: verbal (30 minutes), math (two 25-minute sections), reading comprehension (40 minutes) and writing (a 25-minute essay). All questions are multiple-choice, with four answer options.

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How the SSAT is scored

The SSAT is scored just like the SAT. Correct answers are worth one point (+1), skipped questions are worth zero points (0) and incorrect answers are worth a negative quarter of a point (-1/4). Using these numbers and a simple formula, a raw score is calculated and then translated into a percentile rank (1-99%). These percentages compare each student�s score to scores of other students in the same grade and of the same gender.

All students receive four scores: verbal, reading, math and an overall score. The essay is not scored but is sent to the school the student is applying to. The lower level test has a score range of 440-710 for the individual sections, and 1320-2130 for the overall score. The upper level test has a score range of 500-800 for the individual sections, and 1500-2400 for the overall score.

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SSAT test dates, registration deadlines and fees

The SSAT is administered on various dates throughout the year. Registration for each test closes approximately one month before the test date. There is a cost to take the test, as well as a fee for late registration.

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