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SullivanCards feature Sullivan Tutoring™s proven tutoring methodology. The three-deck set of SullivanCards presents SAT math, English and vocabulary instruction gleaned from over twenty years of SAT tutoring experience, all in a convenient and highly successful flashcard format. With this unique teaching method, students will learn critical concepts, key content and valuable strategies to master the test. SullivanCards also feature our hallmark Sullivan Tips, Sullivan Shortcuts and Common-Error Alerts. Gold and Platinum tutoring packages include the math and English SullivanCards. Vocabulary SullivanCards may be purchased separately.

Math SullivanCards

50 cards with thorough and effective strategies and solutions for all common SAT math questions

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English SullivanCards

25 cards with key content, concepts and strategies for sentence completions, reading comprehension, grammar and the SAT essay

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Vocabulary SullivanCards

500 cards with key SAT vocabulary words, pronunciation clues and context sentences

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