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Ali C.

The Governor’s Academy – The SullivanCards made the difference. They allowed me to focus on the areas where I needed the most help. And I loved the warm and comfortable environment.

Kevin C.

Beverly High School – I felt prepared and confident on the day of the test. My ACT score went from 24 to 32. I even brought my SAT II Math Level I score up to 760, and my Math Level 2 score up to 750.

Kellie S.

North Andover High School – I’d recommend Sullivan Tutoring to anyone. Their great personalized instruction and strategies helped me achieve my goal of over 2000 on the SATs!

Joia C.

Winchester High School – Sullivan Tutoring was awesome. They gave me the tools and the confidence I needed – and my SATs increased over 300 points to 2130.

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Parent Testimonials

  • We would highly recommend Sullivan Tutoring. Both of our sons have completed tutoring and in each case we feel it has been money well spent. Each son had a different style and approach. The Sullivan program is tailored to the individuals' needs and personal objectives which provided so much more support and guidance than a group program. Scott is very accessible and gave the boys realistic goals to strive for as well as strategies to meet those goals - both inside and outside the office. He was always available to discuss our concerns and give us feedback and progress reports.  Throughout the process, both boys gained confidence and a real sense that they could accomplish their goals. And the results showed - both improved their PSAT- SAT by over 200 points. Afterwards, we discussed results and strategies with Scott, and when they took SAT a second time, both boys improved significantly in their areas of focus. The boys worked hard, Scott and his associates helped them accomplish their goals, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Shari and Tom Dicker Marblehead
    Shari and Tom D. | Parents of Two St. Johns Prep Students
  • As a mother of two daughters who attended Sullivan Tutoring for SAT test preparation, I highly recommend their program. Recently, I saw a friend of mine that I referred to Sullivan for her daughter. We both agreed there is something special about Scott and his staff--we asked each other, "what is it, magic?" Let's face it, our kids are busy, especially Junior year. How can they make time for one more thing? But as soon as my kids met Scott, they wanted to do the work necessary to improve. With practice tests and strategies on how to navigate the tests, they gained the confidence they needed to do well. Scott, Kathryn and his staff encourage and motivate in a positive way. The atmosphere of the center is productive. My daughters' scores improved significantly after tutoring with Sullivan. Other services we tried are just not as effective. By learning the skills taught at Sullivan, my girls were less nervous on test day and could concentrate on doing their best. One last thing, the support staff was flexible about my daughter's schedule which was much appreciated as the weather this winter caused commuting problems for us. If you enroll your son or daughter at Sullivan, you'll be pleased with how much value you get for your investment and you'll be referring your friends. I am grateful that Sullivan Tutoring was recommended to us.
    Sandy O. | Parent of two St. Thomas Aquinas HS Students
  • Sullivan Tutoring not only bolstered our daughter, Alison's, confidence academically, but they increased her SSAT math scores by 22 points over a three-month period. We have found Alison's tutors, Scott and Katie, to be professional, flexible, and attentive to our daughter's needs. Scott and Katie came highly recommended to our family, and they instinctively know how to maximize our daughter's learning potential.
    Patti C. | Parent of Governors Academy Student and St. Johns Prep Student
  • Sullivan Tutoring offers the "perfect SAT prep" package for the busy student. Unlike other programs that teach a generic prep course, Sullivan Tutoring customizes each lesson to the subject topics that will help your child. When my daughter went to Sullivan Tutoring, she was already a strong math student and didn't need to be taught the subject matter. Instead, Scott Sullivan taught her how to solve problems more quickly, as well as what shortcuts to take and what test-taking strategies would work best. I also love the flexibility that Sullivan Tutoring offers. We were never "locked in" to a specific day and time, and they were more than willing to work around sports schedules, play practices, social lives etc. In addition, the staff at Sullivan has a way of building the student's self esteem and confidence, which is very important when preparing for standardized testing. By the time the test date arrives, Sullivan students are well prepared and confident. Sullivan Tutoring offers the best of all worlds when it comes to SAT prep.
    Christine N. | Parent of two Marblehead HS Students

Educator Testimonials

  • As the parent of a former Sullivan Tutoring student, I can truly attest to the effectiveness of the firm's innovative methods and personalized services. As a high school guidance counsellor, I confidently recommended Sullivan Tutoring knowing that the services students received would enable them to perform at their very best when taking the SAT. As co-founder of a private counseling firm that assists families with the college application process, I continue to urge students to consider the services of Sullivan Tutoring in preparing for the SAT. Why? Because I know that the services delivered by Scott Sullivan and Katie Azevedo can and do make a difference in students' scores. And because being fully prepared for the SAT can result in scores that open doors to a myriad of possibilities and schools for every student. Get in touch with Sullivan Tutoring. You'll be glad you did!
    Jane Darveau | Co-founder, Jandl Associates
  • I am a high school guidance counselor working in an urban setting. I noticed certain students dramatically raising their SAT scores. I asked those students' parents how their children raised their scores. The answer was always Sullivan Tutoring. When my daughter was a junior in high school, I had the opportunity to hire this company to assist my daughter in raising her scores. On a personal level I can attest to the amazing results my daughter accomplished, thanks to Scott and Katie at Sullivan Tutoring. I had the first-hand experience, and now I recommend this service to parents who want to make a difference in their children's lives. It certainly changed my daughter's life by offering strategies for building confidence in test taking and more. This extended beyond the SAT, as she brought these skills back to her academics in high school and throughout college.
    Nancy Humphrey | MA Licensed Guidance Counselor, Consultant
  • As an independent college counselor, I exclusively recommend Sullivan Tutoring to each and every one of my clients. It’s no secret that standardized tests play a large role in the admission process, yet we tend to forget that these tests generally offer the most room for improvement when preparing a college application. By guiding students through the SAT, ACT, etc., Scott and his tutoring staff not only guarantee higher scores, they effectively contribute to the overall improvement of a college application. With Scott’s assistance, each of my three children gained 300 points on average to their SAT scores – this, I should add, in a matter of a few short weeks. The confidence they gained by successfully tackling the SAT extended well beyond the area of standardized tests, and I watched as they tackled the rest of their college applications with a similarly renewed confidence. Now, years later, I find the same results with my clients. They return from Sullivan Tutoring full of enthusiasm and a will to accomplish all of their application goals.
    Renée Serrano | President/Advisor of College Quest Advising
  • We refer many of our clients to Sullivan Test Prep because its services are customized to fit students of all levels.  Our clients rave about Scott's approach and are very satisfied with the end result.
    Kim Penney | One-on-One College Consulting LLC
  • Sullivan Tutoring has provided many of my clients with excellent assistance over the years. Scott and his staff relate easily to their students, and my clients often comment on how much they like working with his team. The Sullivan tutors are positive, encouraging, and perceptive. I particularly appreciate Scott's insights and honesty when evaluating a client's potential. In math, his specialty, he is masterful in the way he reaches both male and often reluctant female learners. He builds their confidence while filling in the gaps. I highly recommend Sullivan Tutoring to my clients.
    Andrea Glovsky | AMG Educational Consultants