Christine N. | Parent of three Marblehead HS Students

Sullivan Tutoring offers the “perfect SAT prep” package for the busy student. Unlike other programs that teach a generic prep course, Sullivan Tutoring customizes each lesson to the subject topics that will help your child. When my daughter went to Sullivan Tutoring, she was already a strong math student and didn’t need to be taught the subject matter. Instead, Scott Sullivan taught her how to solve problems more quickly, as well as what shortcuts to take and what test-taking strategies would work best.

I also love the flexibility that Sullivan Tutoring offers. We were never “locked in” to a specific day and time, and they were more than willing to work around sports schedules, play practices, social lives etc. In addition, the staff at Sullivan has a way of building the student’s self esteem and confidence, which is very important when preparing for standardized testing. By the time the test date arrives, Sullivan students are well prepared and confident. Sullivan Tutoring offers the best of all worlds when it comes to SAT prep.

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